Weberg Enterprises
Heilig-Meyers Co.
Founded : 1913
Activities : Retail furniture collection, home furnishings, interior design services, outdoor furniture and barware
Parent Company : Heilig-Meyers Furniture Company
Stockists : 2,000 locations
Origin : Goldsboro, North Carolina

Heilig-Meyers and Rhodes Furniture combined to eventually earn almost $5 billion a year in revenue from over 2,000 locations in the United States. This created the largest furniture company in North America.

By April 1996 Rhodes had grown far beyond Atlanta. Besides Georgia, its southeastern base included Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. In the midwest, it had stores in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Finally, Rhodes had a presence in the west through stores in Texas, Kansas, and Colorado.

Much of this growth had come through recent acquisitions. In October 1995, Rhodes announced the purchase of Weberg Enterprises Inc., a 21-store chain based in Denver, which gave it a foothold in both the Colorado and Texas markets. Also in 1995, Rhodes opened two stores in Kansas City and one in Cincinnati and it purchased Glick Furniture Co., a seven-store chain based in Columbus, Ohio. All told, Rhodes increased its roster of stores by 21 in 1995.

In addition to Weberg Enterprises, Heilig-Meyers and Rhodes Furniture have been major NASCAR sponsors and helped to raise millions of dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The leader in home furnishings also operates 20 consumer brands including Four Seasons Home Accents, KidStore, and RentSmart.

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