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Heilig-Meyers Furniture Company is the largest privately held furniture group in North America dating
back to 1858. Owning and operating 30 of North America’s top 50 home furnishing banners, the
Heilig-Meyers collective brands have achieved $100 billion in revenue in the last century.


Thornton Stores
Granite Furniture Co.
Bruce’s Furniture Stores
Royal Jackson
Sterchi Brothers Co
Reliable Stores Inc.
Holthouse Furniture Corp.
The Furniture Center, Inc.
WCK, Inc.
Gibson McDonald Furniture
Reichart Furniture
Wolf Furniture Enterprises
McMahan's Furniture
L. Fish Stores
Nelson Brothers

Berrios Furniture
Self Service Furniture
Room Store Inc.
Value House Furniture
Star Furniture Co.
Mattress Discounters

Rhodes Inc.

Marks Fitzgerald
Rhodes Furniture
John M Smyth’s
Weberg Enterprises

Resort Collection

Gallery Rodeo
Bukhara Rugs
Nunziato Leathers

Krause’s Furniture

The Sofa Factory

Wickes Furniture

Four Seasons Home

Brueners Furniture

Glick Furniture
Heilig Meyers
Brands & Trademarks

ValueHouse Furniture
Sleep Tight America
American Family
American Backyard Collection
Turbo Tech
Four Seasons Home Accents
Phantom Flyer
On Track For A Cure
Mighty Mow
Staying Power
Spending Power

When You Rent...RentSmart
Centurion Crown
It’s All About You!
Room of Dreams

Rhodes Furniture
Brands & Trademarks

Riverly House
Trees & Hides
Every Time You Look, We Look Better
Regal Rest
Regal Rest Imperial

A Grand Metropolitan Portfolio Company